Monday, July 9, 2007

Ok so i signed up for the blogathon and i made a blog just for it, BBB, short for Blondee's Blogathon Blog... i couldnt think of anything else.... so i think thats it for today... Laterz :P

B x3

The other day me and my friend went shopping... for 6 hours... Im going to catholic high but shes going to public so i helped her get somewhat ready... (C if your reading this i think you should know now that im not done with you yet)... LoLz After shopping we went to the fair until like 10:30 and then went to mi house and watched mean girlz.... yeah... whatev....byez

B x3

The other day i saw Nancy Drew, I think it was a cute movie, a little corny here and there, but cute... Ooh i also saw Super Sweet Sixteen: The Movie.


My moms friends is into acting so while he was in CT he stopped by the movie sets in New Haven and got a extra part in the movie!!! He met Shia LaBeouf, Stephen Spielburg, And Henry Ford... I think so if you see the movie when its completed look for a man in his late 40s with gray hair... Like that narrows it down LoLz


Where Have I Been?!

Hey everyone!!! sorry i havent posted in a while ive busy with sleepovers, family, or simply because its summer and im too lazy to post, But anywayz i have a lot to tell you about!!!

(For some reason my title thingy isnt working so i have to use this to put the title.... thats why it looks a little dif.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Funni Blondee Vids!!!

These are hilarious!!!

Thats all for now...

Your fav blondee x3

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Illegally Blondee??

Ok for those of you who ask why illegallyblondee here is your answer...
I asked my self the samething today so i typed in (with on e not two, ee) and it gave me a random site that was only used once in like 2005... this totally made me mad!! it's like come on, if your not going to use it delet it so someone else more fabulous, like me, can.

Just thought you'd like to know :)