Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hey!!!, Well.... it's 4:30 am here and i cant fall asleep. Oh well... I found cute emoticons to add i got to step 5 but 6 & 7 have me completely lost... they say...

6. log in to your website, then go to your file manager to upload some pictures. Go to the Cutenews folder, then click on Data, then click on Emoticons, then upload the smileys (you may have to overwrite the smileys that Cutenews starts with- just check 'overwrite files' when you upload them).

7. Once you've uploaded all the files, log in to your Cutenews and go to Options- System Configurations. You'll see a field that says Smilies, so fill it in with the names of all of the files (no need for the .gif part). In the case of the Multicolor Blobs emotions, it would say: smile,gasp,grin,sad,oops,love,angry,neutral. The order doesn't have to be anything specific, but that's exactly the order they'll appear on the page. When you're done, press Save Changes.

Sooooo if anyone that sees this can translate it into blogger terms that would be great....

Here r the faces...





Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Im Back!!!

ok so i havent been posting in a while and i wont lie to you... ive been to lazy to. LoLz! herez wut happened to me while i was lazy...

  • I went to Hershey Park
  • Went to washington D.C.
  • read the last chapter of harry potter
  • saw hairspray
  • missed the blogathon
  • ound out jamie lynn spears is pregnant at 16
  • started working on my wishlist for my b-day and christmas
  • finised one of my books for school
  • started the other
  • was going to go camping but didnt because it rained
  • so then i went for over a friends to eat
  • learned that nick jonas is diabetic or howev you spell it
  • oh and i cant wait for HSM2 to come out

as you can see that isnt too much for about a month. anywayz i g2g.Byez!!