Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Im Back!!!

ok so i havent been posting in a while and i wont lie to you... ive been to lazy to. LoLz! herez wut happened to me while i was lazy...

  • I went to Hershey Park
  • Went to washington D.C.
  • read the last chapter of harry potter
  • saw hairspray
  • missed the blogathon
  • ound out jamie lynn spears is pregnant at 16
  • started working on my wishlist for my b-day and christmas
  • finised one of my books for school
  • started the other
  • was going to go camping but didnt because it rained
  • so then i went for over a friends to eat
  • learned that nick jonas is diabetic or howev you spell it
  • oh and i cant wait for HSM2 to come out

as you can see that isnt too much for about a month. anywayz i g2g.Byez!!

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