Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catter Box

Ok, so i finally got the chat box workin and it's now at the borrom of the screen below the ProjectPlaylist thingie so..... hopefully i'll get to chat with the ghosts who read mi blogg.... LoL

TtYl! <3

Monday, November 12, 2007


Boredd so im sitting here in my living room watching Project Runway re-runs and I just can't wait for season 4 to come out in 2 days!!!yeah so... not much here! Oh yeah yesterday i went to the mall and C was all like you have to call P and i wa slike no but eventually I called him and he wasn't there so then she made me call about a half an hour later and then ask for his cell # and as i was told it i said it out loud do she could tell me when i went to put it into my cellie. C then took it and put it in HER cellie and she's now telling me to tell him to expect a phone call from him and im just like UGGHHH................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah....Oh and on top of that she wanted to talk to him and i told her NO! and she got all pissed!!!!and now im expecting a sarcastic like comment from her and then im just goong to tell her to put it in her ear!!! Watch this is soooo going to happen! She and i are sooo predictable! LoL excepth those necklaces we got weren't! We went to claires and got 'Friends Forever' Necklaces tha sort of look like Tiffany necklaces...

Thats its for now!!


Friday, November 9, 2007


Ok, so im like soooo totally boredd x2!!! Yeah, C im bored ( shes sittin over mi shoulder and is now like all insulted and stuff and im just like get over yourself )so anyway were going to the movies today and C is all like you have to go at the same time as this guy im friends with... ( she thinks were totally into each other ( personally, i think he's gay )) OMG that totally reminded me of There! Right There! a song from IB:The musical.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blondee Blurps

I bought the Legally blonde musical soundtrack and im going to see if i can get it on here somehow...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dancing with a Blondee

Ok so in school I take this ballroom class and we have to pick a dance costume for our group routine and solos!!
I love shopping!
Ok soo i suggested this company Kelle.
Everyone loved it!
Then i suggested this dress! ( which was hard because it has to be a certain kind )
And everyone loved that one too!
They have to i mea i picked it out!
Sooo now its between a few!
I wonder if i can get the pics on here!
( Im having a hard time with pics on my new Apple )
if i cant i'll put the links up
Eventually... ( Black, Fuschia, Lime, Royal ) ( Red, Block, White, Yellow ) ( Red, Yellow, Lime )

( There's six girls in my class, dint know what the four guys are going to wear yet )

llegally Blonde

On broadway!!!

YaY it was on the other night and i taped it and i've watched it every day since!!
Love the songs!
and the whole thing all together!

Obviously i dont have any thing beter to do so ttyl!


Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ok, so on halloween i went trick-or-treating with my friends ( i was a neon hooker as my friend called me ) we got like no candy because between like evry house we stopped to talk. and my friend C was on her cellie he whole time with this guy that she wont let me talk to! its soo annoying! but anyway not much else is going on so ttfn!