Monday, November 5, 2007

Dancing with a Blondee

Ok so in school I take this ballroom class and we have to pick a dance costume for our group routine and solos!!
I love shopping!
Ok soo i suggested this company Kelle.
Everyone loved it!
Then i suggested this dress! ( which was hard because it has to be a certain kind )
And everyone loved that one too!
They have to i mea i picked it out!
Sooo now its between a few!
I wonder if i can get the pics on here!
( Im having a hard time with pics on my new Apple )
if i cant i'll put the links up
Eventually... ( Black, Fuschia, Lime, Royal ) ( Red, Block, White, Yellow ) ( Red, Yellow, Lime )

( There's six girls in my class, dint know what the four guys are going to wear yet )

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