Monday, October 1, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... what to expect from a blondee

Ok, so what if its a long title... i couldn't think of any thing else so....
well any way i was hoping to add some new things to the blog to make it a little more interesting.... here are my thoughts...

  • cheap makeovers ( I'd have a new one for every seven days )
  • What you need ( for every month)
  • A blonde fortune cookie
  • celebrity cheek-up ( every Friday )
  • greatest thing since at home hair color ( needed new gadgets )
  • illegally blondee the series ( I'm hoping to do a new part of a story every month and, C., if your reading this i need a smart brunettes help on this one )
  • Fashion Freak-outs ( celebs gone color blind.
  • a request ( if i get enough people to read this I'll take some requests )
  • Featured website
  • Featured song

So yeah... as you can see that's a lot... so obviously it took me a while to think up this list... let me know what you think.



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