Friday, June 27, 2008

I went shopping!!!

Today i went shopping with mii friend K and i felt horrible becuse i was like an hour late so... anywayz i got a couple of things && i thought i'd tell you them...

nyx eyeliner slim pencil in pearl white from a little store only in mii mall so far
(sorry i couldnt find it in pearl white)
nars eyeshadow duo in iceland (it may not look like much but when you put it on your skin its amazing-love it-check out pursebuzz on youtube to see) From a store only found on mii coast
Awake Stardom Pure Blush in Light Coral from Bath and Body Works
Awake Stardom Pure Blush Cheek Color, Lotus Pink
Professional Slim Pencil Sharpener from Sephora
Professional Slim Pencil Sharpener
And a bracelet from the same little store that i got the eyeliner from
(sorry i cant find a pic but...
its a pink chain with a gold clasp and big pink and gold charms)

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