Monday, June 23, 2008

summer memories (even though its not over yet)

i want a summer to remember
i want a summer until December
i want to go on a shopping spree in Milan
i want to take a cruise ship to Taiwan
i want a new pair of juicy couture shades
i want a summer full of parades
i want to hang out with my friends
i want to get green colored contact lens
i want a new reason to say i love you
i want a little butterfly tattoo
i want to wish upon a shooting star
i want to drive to the beach in a new sports car
i want a starring role in a summer hit
i want a nice and cold banana split
i want to take a road trip to Kalamazoo
i want to spend my summer with you

(i was boredd, what do you want from me?!)

Have a great summer everyone!! <3

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