Saturday, June 9, 2007

To Be Or NOt To Be... In Jail

I think i will discuss the issue of Paris Hilton... WHAT A SPOILED-LITTLE-STUCK-UP-SHIMMY-SHIMMY-LIPGLOSS-BARBIE-PRINCESS-WANNABE!!!! (plus-she's not even that pretty)
I mean come on!!! All she had to do was 45 days but no that was way too much for miss priss it had to be cut to 25!!! ok she goes to jail (mind you it's a prison where you get an hour a day to watch the tele or chat on the phone) but then 5 days later she leaves and go on house arrest because of a health condition. Most of you would think it was because she was anorexic but my friends that was not the case, it was a rash, and rumour has it it was also a nervous breakdown. Seriously, come on i have had my fair share of nervous break dows over finals and stuff, but i have to still take them. But it's not the breakdown get out of jail free card thing that bugs me it's that she is forced to saty at home with her flat screens, pools, beds, waitresses, etc. OH THE HORROR!!!
But then today Paris was taken to jail where she is now to finish her 45 day sentence... Thank America!!! LOL. Paris is so0o0o0o0o stupid too. What is she like 25, and the whole trip to court she was crying, screaming 'This isn't fair' and asking for her mommy. Awww poor Paris...

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