Saturday, December 22, 2007

Little me back from DOOM

ok, im sooo sorry that i havent posted in a while.!.! Ive been really busy.
first -- i was realy sick with something the docs couldnt figure out for like 2 weeks
second -- i had seven school days of work to do in 4 nights
third -- on top of that i had to do my regular homework
fourth -- i had 3 essays, 1 project, and about 7 tests to do in five days
soo as you can see i havent had to much time
youd thing that with all my spare time being sick i would have a lot to talk about but i was soooo sick i lived in my bed and could even move!!!! so yeah!
I would like to talk about Jamie Lynn Spears tho! getting preggers at sweet sweet 16! wow! i used to like her. thought she was a good role model. but i guess i was wrong! oh well! the only thing i dont like about this is that everyone is saying that she ruined her life now! I dont think she ruined it! she has the money to take of her baby, its not like the kid is going to live in a box and be hungry its whole life. Oh and Mrs. Spears has put off the writing of her parenting book, and i think she shoud keep it off!

Thats all for now!

B.t.W. -- The new song, DoTA, that i added on mi playlist, its in Swedish... in case you wanted to know!!


Catarina said...

wow.....I would prolly explode from all of that homework....
I used to LOVE Jamie-lynn Spears, too!!!!! It really iz too bad that she couldn't keep it in her pants....but at least she's gonna keep the baby and she says that she's gonna try to be a good mommy.
I really want to see a pic of the father tho!!!!!
And I can't believe that the mother waz gonna actually write a parenting book!!!! Yeah, cuz she's the greatest parent ever....TTYL!!!

Illegally Blonde said...

lol... i know right!