Wednesday, January 23, 2008

random things ive been doing and thinking of since i last posted(Buzy)

Why is is HIStory and not SHEstory???
The guys who call their cars "she" are too nerdy to get a girl
Midterms suc
im boredd
getting ready to watch project runway
school dance this weekend
got a rele cute dress
im addicted to Hannah Monata, Meet Miley Cyrus songs right now
mi bff and her bf just made up!!!
Awwwwww!!!!! XoXo
mi life is soooo boring!!!
oh well
i have to look up a story tomorrow to give my opinions on!


Catarina said...

awww....poor baby
plz...don't exert urself from just working soooo hard!!!!!
can u believe it's been a month since u last posted???
u hav got to be more consistent, girl!
if i don't c another post by Sunday, then I'll be pissed!!!
luv ya lots!
oh yea...if I call my car a "she" then does that make ME to nerdy for a guy???
peace yo.

Illegally Blonde said...

no it doesnt :P